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Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS)

There are a range of new techniques and devices that aim to lower eye pressure without the intensive aftercare and risks associated with traditional filtration surgery described above.

The devices most commonly used by Mr Parnell are:

iStent Inject:

This is a procedure where two tiny metal stents are injected into the natural drainage channel (trabecular meshwork) inside the eye thus allowing fluid to drain away more effectively and lower eye pressure. It is often performed in conjunction with cataract surgery as it is felt that it does not add any extra risk to the cataract operation.

It can though be performed as a standalone procedure if appropriate.

Preserflo Microshunt

This is a procedure where a tiny, flexible tube is inserted from the outside to the inside of the eye creating an artificial drainage pathway. It is similar in principle to the filtration surgery described above however has advantages of a faster recovery time as it is a quicker procedure as well as a reduced risk of the pressure going too low afterwards (hypotony) which is an emergency that can damage the vision and is one of the main risks of traditional filtration surgery.

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